Photograph Restoration

The complexity of a photograph restoration can vary enormously from the relatively simple removal of creases and tears in background areas of the photograph to a laborious process of reconstructing missing areas of the foreground and facial features. The first examples show the restoration and colorisation of a severely damaged photograph of a Basque wedding and the restoration of a discoloured photograph. The restored versions can be viewed by hovering the mouse over the images, and larger version viewed by clicking on the images..

The example below illustrates a photograph that has suffered from sufficently severe scratches to render it unsuitable for framing or display. Yet this can be restored quickly and inexpensively.

The next image has ungone much more serious damage resulting in important areas of the photograph being completley missing, included facial features. As would be expected, this requires a lengthier restoration process amounting to a significant number of hours of careful and painstaking work. Again, hovering the mouse over the image will display the restored photograph.

An animation of the restoration stages of the First World War photograph can be viewed by clicking here.

An animation of the restoration stages of the motorbike photograph can be viewed by clicking here.

Since the work involved in a restoration can vary greatly between photographs, we offer a free, no obligaion, quote in advance. More restored photograhs and animations of the restoration process can be found in our  Gallery .